Looking into blue holes: Joint UNESCO project of ELTE and the University of Vienna


The two CENTRAL partners undertake a fascinating collaborative research endeavour as part of a large-scale UNESCO project focusing on the structure, evolution and function of the earth’s so-called critical zone.

The core of the joint investigation of the Department of Palaentology at Eötvös Loránd University – ELTE (Budapest) and the Department of Geology at the University of Vienna is the evolution of fossil blue hole limestones that formed in past greenhouse phases. 

Looking into the development and structure of these karst sinkholes adds a piece in the global puzzle of understanding the earth’s critical zone: how it functions and how it can be sustainfully utilised and maintained.

Embracing the ideas of CENTRAL

Prof. Miklos Kazmer (ELTE) and Prof. Michael Wagreich (University of Vienna) have entertained a mutal and fruitful cooperation for many years. Both embrace the ideas and mission of CENTRAL: to close ranks even further in terms of regional research collaboration as well as joint outreach activities, and so to make the Central European research area widely recognised.