WORKSHOP | Tradition and Innovation

Opposite concepts as an engine of advancement within the ancient Egyptian society (16-17 June 2022)

Throughout its long history, the Egyptian society was constantly exposed to internal and external influences. This resulted in a never‐ending dialogue and interaction between traditional concepts and innovative ideas on all levels of society. The confrontation between (local) customs and novel concepts functioned as a catalyst for important social and religious developments, leading to various processes of modification and transformation within society. These developments were continuously reflected upon as well as expressed in a tangible manner, namely in the material culture (architecture, text and imagery).

Next to individual presentations of specific case studies related to aspects of tradition and innovation, the workshop in particular intends to discuss various means and possibilities to identify anddefine the general characteristics as well as the different methods and strategies employed by individualsand/or communities when confronted with changes in society and its reflection in the material culture of ancient Egypt.

Contact person:

Associate Professor Filip Coppens

CENTRAL partners:

Associate Professor, Filip Coppens Ph.D.
Deputy director, Czech Institute of Egyptology, Charles University

Univ.‐Professor, Peter‐Christian Jánosi, Ph.D., University Universität Wien

Associate Professor Tamás A. Bács, Ph.D.University Eötvös Loránd University

photo British Library